AGNES FRIES is a product designer specialized in high quality ceramics.

Agnes' work is sometimes exhibited in galleries and sometimes sold in stores. By exploring the industry of applied arts she pursues her interest for combining production, collaboration and society with aesthetics and tactility. She finds her inspiration in culture, crafts and people. 

Agnes designs specifically for serial production and in creating functional objects that are both classical and conceptual. It is primarly porcelain but can also be furniture and interiors - with focus on balancing logic and sense with intuition and sensibility.

Agnes is based in Scandinavia and China, sharing her time between studios in Stockholm and Jingdezhen - the world's capital of porcelain. Besides working as a designer, Agnes runs her own production in close collaboration with craftsmen and small factories.

Surrounded by the technically skilled masters of The Sculpture Factory, Agnes continues the 1700 years long tradition of porcelain production once invented in this area. 

Every project is a way of understanding and creating contemporary ceramics based on modern design and traditional crafts
As a response to European porcelain factories shutting down, Agnes is now launching parallel productions – a way of enabling independent craftsmen to make a living out of her designs.

Work labeled produced by MAKER is launched and sold when the time is right. 


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