Most of Agnes Fries' work takes place in Jingdezhen, where she continues the city's 1700 year long history of creating high quality porcelain together with the skilled craftsmen surrounding her studio. 

Working mainly in porcelain, she approaches shape and colour with a graphic perception. Her work is often a play on archetypes and in finding a language that renders her objects relevant across cultures and through time.

Agnes Fries uses the vessel as a canvas and the constant carrier of her explorations and stories. All her pieces are connected in a chain that in different ways highlight the small details of something bigger. Wether it's human touch, pure composition or something much more intangible, her vessels can be percieved as functional mementos of a certain place in time. They are also basic everyday utensils that come to life when we use them. Content, movement and touch are part of the vessel, changing the experience everytime. This is what inspires Agnes Fries to keep searching for the simple shapes that can fit in anywhere and still stand out. 

Sharing her time between Scandinavia and China for almost ten years has allowed Agnes Fries to blend different aesthetics and techniques into her own contemporary expression. This approach has placed her in the permanent collections of Designmusuem Denmark as well as the Henan museum, one of Chinas oldest historical art musuems. 

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